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The XMLCreator class is a class designed to assist in creating XML-documents. It wraps the MXXMLWriter30 class from microsoft and produces in-memory XML-documents as well as documents saved to disk.
The great thing about this class is that it takes care of the encoding of special characters etc.

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"Microsoft XML, v3.0" or later
"Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 Library" or later

Here is an example how to use it:

The interface:

  • Encoding as string
    Property for setting and getting the encoding used in the resulting XML-document. Default is UTF-16.
  • Standalone as boolean
    Property for enabeling and disableing the standalone attribute in the XML-declaration. Default is True.
  • OutputEscaping as boolean
    Property for enabling and disableing the output escaping. Default is True.
  • Indent as boolean
    Property for enableing and disableing indentation of the resulting XML-document. Default is True.
  • XMLDeclaration as boolean
    Property for enableing and disableing the XML-declaration in the resulting XML-document. Default is True .
  • NewDocument()
    Starts a new document.
  • EndDocument()
    Ends a document.
  • NewElement(ElementName as String)
    Creates a new XML-element with the name ElementName.
  • SetElementValue(Value as string)
    Sets the value in the current XML-element.
  • AddElement()
    Adds a created element to the XML-document.
  • EndElement()
    Ends an added element.
  • AddAttribute(AttributeName as string, AttributeValue as string)
    Adds an attribute to a created element.
  • GetDocument() as string
    Returns the XML-document as a string.
  • SaveDocument(FileName as string)
    Saves the XML-document to a file.

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