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The cache class is an implementation of a generic cache. It stores a fixed number of cache-items discarding the least used ones while keeping the frequently used ones.

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The interface:

  • Add(Key as Variant, Data as Variant, Optional Cost as Double)
    As you might expect this function adds a new item to the cache. The cost is a double value used to give items in the cache different value. Items with a high cost are keept over items with a low cost. The neutral cost is 1.
  • Exists(Key as Variant) as Bool
    The exists function serves two functions. The first is to determine if an object is located in the cache. The second is to locate it.
  • GetItem() as Variant
    The functions retrives the last item located by using Exists().
  • CacheHits() as Long
    Returns the number of times Exists() has found the item in the cache.
  • CacheMisses() as Long
    Returns the number of times Exists() didn't find the item in the cache.
  • CacheSuccessRatio() as Double
    Returns the ratio between hits and misses.
  • ResetStatistics()
    Resets the statistics.
  • Capacity as Long
    Gets and Sets the number of items to be stored in the cache.

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