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ProMES Navigator The IT-support tool for ProMES.

Many people recognize the term "balanced scorecard" where as relativly few has ever heard of ProMES. ProMES is an abbreviation of: Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System and has many things in common with the balanced scorecard. The big difference is that ProMES handles non linear relations and has a scientifically documented effect.

As with all good feedback systems they tend to demand a great deal of manual labor to collect all the data and create the feedback-reports to be discussed. This is where the ProMES Navigators comes in. The ProMES Navigator automates both the process of collecting the data as well as creating the reports. ProMES Navigator is developed in cooperation with Kenneth Malm of ProMES International Sweden AB and one of the inventors of ProMES, professor Robert D Pritchard.

ProMES improves participation and gives professional feedback that results in energizing motivation, learning and increased productivity.

In the report recently published in Svenskt Näringsliv, "Möda är sällan sin egen lön" feb 2006 you can read that : "Many employees lack respons or feedback on how well they perform their work". Close to half of the 1,115 interviewed says that they only to a small extent get appreciation from their managers when producing better results at work.

ProMES is a scientifically prepared and documented feedback-method, developed by nine research teams in seven countries, under expert guidance of professor Robert D Pritchard, (one of the leading motivation researchers in the world, active at the University of Central Florida). ProMES has been applied and studied, in everything from small to multinationall companies, in private as well as public organizations.

The overall results are astonishingly good.

For more information about the international ProMES development see:

Now you can put this knowledge to practical use in your organization.
And through our IT-based supportsystem ProMES-Navigator you get access to continuously professional feedback in the daily work. The key to motivation, learning and a constantly improving organization.

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