Journal of Applied Psychology

Read the forthcoming article in Journal of Applied Psychology! The effects of ProMES from 83 applications in different parts of the world.

In a forthcoming article the Journal of Applied Psychology presents findings from 20 years of research on ProMES. The meta-analysis includes 83 ProMES applications from different parts of the world​​, from both public and private organizations.

The average effect size for these 83 ProMES applications is 1.44 (d-statistic) when the strength of these where calculated.

This result (1.44) can be compared to 0.42 - 0.80 which is the effect size that more traditional performance management applications given in published meta-analysis.

Besides that ProMES has shown to have a very powerful and positive effect on the organization's productivity and quality it also shows clear beneficial effects on the health among the people who created these results.

You can download the article now, and become one of the first to get the opportunity to read the latest on the research front.

Read the full article here

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